Hartwood Station White

A blend of two wine varietals: Chardonel and Rkatsiteli. Hint of Apple and Pair with a spicy finish.  Amazing with seafood, chicken, or simply enjoy with friends.

$25 Bottle/$6.50 Glass

Wine Collection is No Longer Available for Public Purchase.

Raven Hart

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A robust Port-style wine made from Cabernet Sauvignor,  Chambourcin, and fortified with Brandy. It is oak-aged with hints of clove, cinnamon, and cherry.

Petit Verdot

Limited Release Now Available - Individual Bottle Sales

Winter 2017 - 2018

This wonderful wine features hints of black currants and warm raspberries, earthy tones of Star Anise, and hints of rich chocolate that linger long on the palette. Due to limited production, limit of one bottle per customer.

$35 Bottle (single bottle sales only.)

Cabernet Sauvignon

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Our 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon comes from the finest barrels of that vintage. This wine is truly unique, as was the intense heat of the 2012 growing season, giving you complex flavors of drying fruit, tobacco, and subtle tannins from the American oak aging.


Approximately eight months in French and American Oak.  Soft tannins giving way to light, buttery apple and pear flavors lingering on the palate.  Enjoy with favorite fall time meal, a wonderful pairing with linguine dishes with cream, grilled chicken or shrimp. 
$29 Bottle/$7.50 Glass

Blushing Hart

A blend of Seyval Blanc, Niagra, and Chambourcin. Includes flavors of apricot, cherries, and butterscotch.  A wonderful dessert wine to serve for your guests!

$19 Bottle/$5.25 Glass

Rappahannock Red

A light and fruity Beaujolais style, made with mostly Chambourcin and aged completely in stainless steel. A perfect match with barbecue and grilled foods, tomato based pastas, and chocolate! Can be served chilled, which will enhance the natural fruitiness of the wine.

$21 Bottle/$5.50 Glass

Rappahannock White

A medium dry wine that is a bend of Seyval Blanc and Vidal Blanc, hints of melon and grapefruit flavors. Matches well with all types of food; great on a picnic, or just sipping while relaxing on the patio, porch or deck watching the leaves change color.

$19 Bottle/$5.25 Glass

Deweese White

A semi-sweet wine with robust melon and tropical fruit flavors. A marvelous match for curries or spicy foods. Made from Vidal Blanc and honors the first commercial vineyard in Stafford County.

$19 Bottle/$5.25 Glass


Aromas of soft black cherries continue into the rich cherry flavors enhanced by the spicy nuances of oak aging, with soft fruity complexities lingering on the palate.

$27 Bottle/$7.50 Glass

Rappahannock Rose

This traditional styled rose' wine is dry, and made predominantly from Chambourcin blended with a little Seyval Blanc. Soft cherry-like flavors as well as vanilla, balance out nicely with hints of citrus allow this wine to be enjoyed as an apéritif or with light foods such as cheese and fruit.

$21 Bottle/$5.50 Glass

Cabernet Franc

Smokey aromas with hints of peppery notes; this wine spent one year in American oak barrels giving it soft tannins for a nice mouth feel, with a subtle finish of black cherry.

$27 Bottle/$7.50 Glass


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Typically from young grapes, this Claret has become a bit of a surprise.  The wine is 100% Cabernet Sauvignon, and although the vines are young, it is drinking as if it is a 15 year old bottle of fine wine. Come and enjoy our little mystery. Big bold flavors with warm raisin, almost Port like flavors, as well as strawberry rhubarb.


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Historically, Tannat was mostly used as a blending grape. We decided to showcase it's robust and tannic qualities as a unique varietal! Hints of raspberry, notes of bitter chocolate, and aged in oak for 21 months.  This marvelous wine is drinking really well right now, but will soften as it ages. 
Due to limited production, limit of one bottle per customer, no tastings nor glass purchases.

Seyval Blanc

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Light and crisp, this wine has been aged in stainless steel to preserve the natural freshness and citrus like flavors. Our Seyval Blanc is harvested from our one acre lot, grown directly in front of the winery.