Our Story

Hartwood Winery was established in the spring of 1989 in the rural community of Hartwood, located in Stafford, Virginia. Owner, Jim Livingston, started building the Winery while still an educator with Prince William County, Virginia.  Jim has been involved with Virginia wine making since 1975.  With the help of family and friends, Jim established the first Stafford County commercial vineyard in 1981 and farm winery in 1989. Jim's wife, Beverly, joins him in making the winery what it is today.

Hartwood is in an area long known for its heavy deer population. "Hart" is the old English word for deer, and according to local legend, is the basis of the area's name, and in turn Hartwood Winery's logo.

Hartwood's founder, and winemaker, James Livingston passed away November 2019.  After a year of unprecedented business challenges due to the pandemic, the remaining family opted to close the winery and retire.

All of the Hartwood Family enjoyed the years of good friends and good wine, and the GREAT SUPPORT shared by many of you."

It is "Hart" to say Goodbye, so we will simply say, Cheers & God bless you.